Band Members

Here are their profiles

Arash Rostami

Vocals/Accoustic Guitar/Lyrics/Keyboard

Arash Rostami singer, player, songwriter was born in shiraz and is 30 years old. He started playing the classic guitar and singing when he was 19. When he was in college in Bandar abbas he started making his own songs and singing them.

Kian Shams

Electric guitar/Keyboard/Synthesizer/Back Vocal

Kian has started playing guitar since he was 9, but his proffessional career in music has been started from 2016 as he met Arash, and they co-founded se noghte band.

Soroosh Etesami

Electric Guitar/Keyboard/Synthesizer

Sorush is 30 years old and was born in shiraz. He’s started playing with Se noghte since 2016.

Atta Tasseh

Bass guitar/Back Vocal

Atta was born in Rasht, He started playing the classic guitar when he was a teenager and then - because of his huge interest in rock music - he started to play the accoustic and the electric guitar.

Mehrad Motamedi


Mehrad is 29 and he lives in is hometown, Rasht. He joined Se noghte in 2018 as their third drummer.